Our Story

We are a unique team brought together from around the world. The three of us met while working together in Europe and our affection for quality design brought our ideas and individual talents together as if it was meant to be. There we formed the idea for Kevin Russell.

We started out with the intention to fill a gap that wasn't really available in the watch market. We wanted to produce a watch with a larger face that wasn't thick and clunky. We ended up creating it at a larger, 44mm size and as thin as 5.6mm which is thinner than what was available in the market.

To our suprise, the larger, thinner watch became quite popular and we sold nearly half of our inventory within our launch window date.

However, we feel we may have left many people out with our larger watch so we set out to design two smaller options. Our new collection is now available in 40mm and 36mm.

We now look forward with excitement for whats to come as we progress through this new adventure! We also want to give a huge "Thank You!" to all for the incredible help and support we've received throughout our journey! 

Our design

For the past year we have been creating and revising the design to create the perfect minimal timepiece. We believe design should be original. That’s why our case has been carefully and thoughtfully designed by our own designer to be as thin as possible without leaving excess space and still giving it the quality weight and feel.

Usually a 44mm watch is big and bulky but we believe our design will feel perfect. With its ultra thin case measuring only 5.6mm in thickness and its smooth curved case back, its comfort will feel natural and in place.

We want to perfect the minimal watch by keeping it simple, yet preserving its main function to accurately tell time. Instead of having noticeable minute markings, the dial has been designed to appear clean with the minute marks shown as hidden details engraved along the edge for precise time telling.

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